The structures are set up by service areas inside the 50,000-metre area, starting from the large store yards for new products and vehicles awaiting processing. Access to the plant through the steel and glass office building reflects the finishes of the products made, and leads to the acceptance area for recording vehicles undergoing maintenance.

The first plant is used for all maintenance on vehicles transporting cryogenic gases, with operations that range from reclamation (first operation for putting the vehicles in safe conditions) to control with specific instruments, such as gas analysers, vacuometers, leak finder devices and high vacuum pumps.

The operations for building cryogenic panels (fully welded) are performed only with specialised labour trained with specific courses in possession of the necessary statements and/or certifications.

In addition to maintenance of tanks, revamping, and routine and extraordinary repairs, a special department area is given over to the building of cylinder trailers and CGEM and their testing (testing of pressurised containers - cylinders) using advance instruments and in full compliance with safety regulations, where the personnel work at a distance with remote controlled systems.

The second plant, in operation since 2012, was built with technologies able to guarantee full respect for the environment (eco-friendly) when Cryo Service products are being built.

All of the following products are made there:

  • Cryogenic tanks (vertical and horizontal)
  • Vacuum-insulated self-supporting cryogenic tanks for LNG
  • Cryogenic tanks for A2, N2, O2, CO2 and N2O insulated with vacuum or with polyurethane foam
  • Vaporizers
  • Tanks engineered to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Transport equipment
  • Self-supporting tank semitrailers
  • Tank vehicles
  • Tank containers and swap-bodies
  • Dismantable tank vehicles
  • Tube trailers
  • MEGCs (Multiple Element Gas Containers)

The fabrication process that takes place there includes:

  • The construction of the ferrules from machining the plate by roller levelling, and submerged arc and plasma welding with modern and precise systems.
  • The advancement of the production line on tracks running down the entire length of the building to allow the operators to work in line and in optimum conditions.
  • The checks made on the tanks under production, from the hydraulic test up to insulation and completing the tank for the painting step, which is always carried out inside the company’s facilities (no outsourcing).
  • Final assembly, to the customer’s specification, with the formation of the cryogenic panel, the pump, the selected valves and the personalised finishes (logos and symbols) is performed in the special dedicated area inside.

An area dedicated to checking and repairing pumps is also inside the new facility.

Furthermore, Cryo Service is a partner of Herose Gmbh, leader in the production of cryogenic valves, which has named Cryo Service an Authorized Service Partner.