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Cryo Service Srl concentrates its resources in the cryogenics and gas transport area, and with the help of Truck Center Somaglia, it offers a complete service that no other competitor can guarantee.

A relatively young company, Cryo Service Srl has already made a name for itself in the domestic market with the quality of the services it provides and of its maintenance work on all types of vehicles that transport cryogenic gases and on their storage containers. Over the years, it has received recognition from the leading companies of the sectors and has become a point of reference for companies in Italy and abroad.

Following agreements with foreign suppliers, the company obtained the recognition necessary to perform maintenance and work on cryogenic systems and their components, along with ongoing training of their personnel, even on the premises of the supplier companies.

Today Cryo Service is increasingly deep-rooted in the domestic market and it has recently started collaboration abroad to serve new markets.

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