Mission and Certifications

The purpose of Cryo Service is to provide the customer with the best product, one that is always reliable and easy to maintain.

This is achieved adopting a customer partnership-oriented approach, which entails:

  • Anticipating the customer’s future requirements, both technical and economic.
  • Adapting its processes to the customer’s needs and requirements
  • Sharing ideas to search for advanced solutions
  • Ongoing improvement

Cryo Service works with an integrated management system and boasts many certifications that offer proof of its professional competence and the quality of the products and services offered



Special attention is focused on Safety, Quality and Environment. We are ISO9001 certified and we are working within an integrated HSE system in order to better guarantee the safety of our personnel. In agreement with the European directive PED (i.e. CE marking), we produce storage tanks with an approved quality system (PED module D) and we build steel metal structures marked CE thanks to our EN 1090-2 certification. Moreover, the quality requirements are extended to the welding department, in agreement with EN ISO 3834-2. This further guarantees the reliability of the products and welded structures.