Maintenance and spare parts

The maintenance and spare parts service offered by Cryo Service includes:

  • Equipment repair and renewal

Cryo Service boasts highly qualified personnel able to restore existing equipment and to make them like new. Cryogenic tanks and vehicles are repaired on-site at the Cryo Service plants. The repair plant is integrated with the production plan, so it uses the state of the art in the design of equipment and in production processes.

  • Spare parts

Cryo Service is able to offer original spare parts for all brands and models.

  • Herose valve maintenance and repair

Cryo Service is a Herose Authorized Service Partner and offers maintenance and final assembly for Herose products on valves and safety valves, installation of springs and discs, calibration and lead-sealing.

  • Cryogenic Pump repair and checking
  • Cryogenic control panel rebuilding and repair
  • Electric panel checking and repair
  • Vacuum checking and measurement