Cryo Flow

Cryo Flow 2016

The measurement system for liquids other than water is essential on an automatic measurement system for cryogenic liquids (liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen) that can be installed in cryogenic transport units to use for direct sales operations.

The measurement system shows and prints only the measured quantity (volume and/or mass), and not the price.

The metrological function of the system is the calculation, display and printing of the quantity of cryogenic liquid transferred (mass and/or volume).

The measurement system includes:

  • a vortex flow measurement device;
  • a temperature sensor;
  • a hydraulic circuit consisting of a flow straightener at the inlet and a rectilinear outlet pipe;
  • a SW device for processing flow, temperature and pressure data;
  • a printer;
  • a touch panel


The Cryoflow2016 version software has been improved compared to the first version released (Cryoflow2010). In fact, with the new measurement tool the system can be calibrated for using multiple gases. The operator can therefore easily switch from using one gas to another.

The following measurement system models in question are envisaged:

  • Model CRYOFLOW 2016/40 (nominal diameter 1”1/2)
  • Model CRYOFLOW 2016/25 (nominal diameter 1”)


Measurement:Volume of cryogenic liquids (in litres)
Liquids:Liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen
Flow rate:26 ÷ 250 L/min (Cryoflow 2016/25)
 65 ÷ 450 L/min (Cryoflow 2010/40)
Minimum measurable quantity (MMQ):133 L
Accuracy rating:2,5
Climatic environment class:

-25°C ÷ +60°C

Mechanical environment class:M3
Electromagnetic environment class​​​​​​​:E3