Reopening of Cryo Service and covid-19 rules of conduct for customers and suppliers

Dear Customer/Supplier


Subject: Italian Prime Ministerial Decree of 8 March 2020 - COVID 19



Following the issue of Italian Prime Ministerial Decree dated 8 March 2020 carrying further measures to reduce and fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Italy




that the company Cryo Service Srl, with offices in Somaglia (LO), in full observance of the aforementioned decree has resumed its operations. All personnel inside our company follow a health control protocol and wear face masks and gloves.


Customers are requested to following the rules of conduct below at our company and to inform their drivers of them. More specifically, the procedure to follow will be:


 Notify in advance of the pick-up and/or arrival of a vehicle in order to be able to prepare it (our personnel will handle the vehicle with gloves and face masks and, if present, will leave the steering wheel and documents on board disinfected)

the incoming driver must not enter the office, but instead telephone our number (0377-449157) for phone registration

Our operator will provide the instructions on where the vehicle ready to be picked up is located (which will in any case will already be ready in front of the offices). When possible, the driver is asked to always remain in the vehicle and to NOT get out.

No driver may use the either the personnel’s toilet facilities or break area.

Please be reminded that, as is always in force at Cryo Service Srl, the driver is FORBIDDEN to circulate in the company.

If it is necessary for the driver to get out of the vehicle, they must first put on the PPE (gloves and face mask) and always remain at a distance of at least 1 metre from our personnel.

For those operations where the driver must stay at the company for a few hours (e.g. for tests and/or maintenance), they are requested, when possible, to always remain in the vehicle

It is forbidden to dispose of Personal Protection Equipment in our waste bins.


Our Suppliers/carriers are requested to follow the rules of conduct below:

the carrier must enter the company and while remaining inside the vehicle, phone our number (0377-449157) to report entry and the goods to be unloaded/loaded.

If the carrier must perform vehicle opening and closing operations, they must do so wearing PPE (gloves and face mask) and remain at a distance of at least 1 metre from our operator, get into the vehicle as soon as possible and wait for the unloading/loading operations to be completed.

Suppliers/carriers are requested to always notify (if possible) in advance of the arrival/pick-up of goods and to send the transport documents electronically to our email address before arrival of the vehicle. In the case of pick-up, our personnel will send the accompanying documents electronically before the pick-up.

no carrier is authorised to circulate in the company or to use our toilet facilities or refreshment areas.

It is forbidden to dispose of Personal Protection Equipment in our waste bins.

We rely on the collaboration of everyone in order to be able to continue to work in safe conditions for the health of our employees, customers and suppliers.

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