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With a total area of over 50.000 square meters with two plants, of which tha last one of the latest generation and built with environmental sustainability criteria, today Cryo Service is preparing to face the market with a line of lean manufacturing and efficient.

The seamless integration with the service center for transportation companies (Truck Center Somaglia) to which it belongs, has meant that today are synergies of which the customer is the main actor.
The benefits of the unique nature of service offerings are in fact totally in favor of the customer.

The technicians and collaborators are able to meet all requirements related not only to the world of cryogenics with highly qualified personnel, but also to the world of transportation. The skills maturing over the decades in legislative matters, road traffic, vehicles in general, has meant that today Cryo Service is a key partner.

Since early 2000th, CryoService has been a recognized partner for gas industries: at first as a specialist for tubes’ periodical testing, as well as tube trailer manufacturer, and then, increasing its expertise in cryogenics’ related technology, as an excellent and appreciated repair and service center. The last step toward a leading edge constant growth has leaded us among cryogenic equipments’ manufacturers.

It is now really proud to offer its customers a wide range of equipments, covering all the storage needs as well as the request for liquid and compressed gasses distribution in every mode of transport (road, rail and sea) and using the most effective technologies (multilayer super insulation and cold stretching), while maintaining all historical services, from periodical inspection and testing to vehicle registration, passing through vacuum maintenance and in-house painting and body-building activities.

Services offered are now enriched with valves servicing: since the end of 2011 Cryo Service  has been nominated Herose Service Partner and it is allowed to carry out the final assembling, the spring and other parts substitution, the setting and the plumbing of safety valves, as well as the maintenance of manual valves.  

Finally, the head of its activity: the engineering department. They can design and calculate state-of-the-art storage and transport equipments by means of 3D modeler and FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis performed in a multi-core workstation.

All of this with the only goal to give its customer the best, reliable in use and simple to maintain equipment.

Safety, Quality and Environment

Thereto, a special attention is focused on Safety, Quality and Environment protection: we are ISO9001 certified and we are actually working within an HSE integrated system for better guarantee the safety of our personnel, we manufacture PED compliant (i.e. CE marked) storage tanks working with an approved quality system (i.e. PED module D) and our factory is powered by solar cells and heated by a geothermal system, letting us say We can work in a green-factory.


Cryo Service has numerous certificates, evidence of the professionalism and quality of its services: below, the files available for download.



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