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Code of ethics


1. General provisions

Cryo Service’s culture is based on the principles of honesty and respect for others.

The success of a company is deeply rooted in the confidence that the company is able to inspire and to its good reputation. Cryo Service’s diversified activities require a high level of attention, honesty and integrity. Consequently, Cryo Service considers its reputation and its business culture heritage of paramount importance.

All employees have the duty to promote the company’s core values, acting with a sense of responsibility towards colleagues, other employees and society in general.

The main purpose of Cryo Service’s Code of Ethics is to ensure that all those who work on behalf of the Company act according to general ethical standards and in accordance with standards established by the Company in its management documents.

This Code of Ethics provides an overview of what Cryo Service considers a responsible behavior, but, nevertheless, it is not exhaustive. In carrying out its work for Cryo Service, every employee undertakes to exercise his own judgment and to act with care, professionalism and consideration at any time, place and/or circumstance. In this Code of Ethics any reference to Cryo Service or to the Company must be interpreted as referring to Cryo Service and its affiliates and subsidiaries.

2. Scope and responsibilities

Code of Ethics is applied to all employees of the company worldwide, including those with fixed-term contracts, and to the members of the Cryo Service or its subsidiaries’ Board of Directors.

You must avoid any acts or encouraging others to commit acts that are inconsistent with this Code of Ethics, even where those offense, in specific circumstances, may appear in the interests of the Company. In case of doubts about the correctness and legality of a particular action or activity, consult in advance - if possible - your manager or contact the Cryo Service’s Directorate.

The department managers are responsible for communicating this directive, as well as to promote, sensibilize and monitor it.

Not comply to this Code of Etichs will not be tolerated and will be punished with internal disciplinary action, dismissal and even prosecution, according to the laws in force. In the event that you have a malpractice or irregularities within the company, the company itself is committed to taking the necessary corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of such acts.

This document was adopted by Cryo Service’s Board of Directors. The handling of deviations will be managed by Chief Executive Officer (Cryo Service’s CEO).

3. Complaints, expression of concern and enforceability

Cryo Service encourages frank discussion on responsible behavior, in a non-bureaucratic and improvement oriented way. This means that every employee can easily discuss their concerns and grievances with superiors.

In case you feel that this is inappropriate, you may contact the Security staff (HSE) and the Directorate. Such concerns or complaints may be reported confidentially, in your preferred language between italian and english and, if necessary, anonymously.

From the legal point of view, the reports on financial or accounting procedures relating to potentially incorrect should be reported to the Cryo Service’s Head of Administration.

If an employee expresses, in good faith, its concern about a possible violation of law or company policy to a competent organ of Cryo Service, the employee will not suffer any penalty by Cryo Service or by any representative of Cryo Service due to such reporting .

Discrimination and oppressive behavior against the authors of such reports constitute a violation of this Code of Ethics. However, any person making a false report with obvious harassment goal may be subject to disciplinary action.

If you feel that your policy violation highlighted was, in any way, used against you, you should contact your supervisor or Cryo Service’s management.

4. Mutual Respect

4.1 Relationship

All employees or Cryo Service’s Boards of Directors members are expected to behave in a professional and impeccable way towards co-workers, the people who work with the company and the other in general. By this is meant also demonstrate sensitivity and respect for different cultures and customs from their own.
Cryo Service does not accept any form of harassment, discrimination or any other behavior that colleagues or employees can be perceived as threatening or demeaning.

4.2 Drugs and alcohol

Cryo Service is free from drugs and alcohol workplace. It is not allowed to show up and operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Please note that it is not permissible to use substances listed above even in a lower limit, especially if an employee should operate with machine, drive cars or perform any other operation incompatible with drugs and alcohol consumption.

Every employee and contractor shall refrain from using drugs and alcohol and from encouraging others to use these substances. In any case, you also refrain from comments, actions and behaviors that can put a bad light on the person who eventually uses it, regardless of whether it is a Cryo Service’s employee, Cryo Service’s partners employee or other company Cryo Service’s operate with employee.

5. Equal opportunities

Cryo Service is committed to promoting an engaging corporate culture and understands and acknowledges that each individual is unique and should be valued and respected for their individual skills.

Cryo Service does not accept any harassment or discrimination form based on sex, religion, race, national or ethnic origin, cultural background, social group, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, age or political views.

Cryo Service provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and ensure a fair deal. Cryo Service’s employees and business divisions will set its decisions relating to employees, for example relating to recruitment, training, pay and promotions, solely on the basis of merit, qualifications and other professional criteria. They also undertake to develop programs and measures to promote diversity within the company on the basis of the principle of equal opportunities for all employees.

6. Conflicts of interest and integrity

6.1 Fraud and conflict of interest

Cryo Service’s employees or Boards of Directors members will not have to get groped for themselves (or to third parties related to them) an improper advantage, or that may in any way harm the interests of the Company, regardless of whether this is or is not a fraud.

It is not allowed to participate in decisions, or seek to influence decisions, such that it may give rise to a real or perceived conflict of interest. Such circumstances include having a personal interest in the matter in question - economic or otherwise - directly or through third parties.

Any potential conflict of interest must be immediately reported to your supervisor. Conflicts of interest may not always show up in a clear and distinct way, so in case of doubt, consult one of your superiors or the Cryo Services Head.

For particularly delicate duties or functions, we will evaluate the need to implement routine procedures in order to identify potential conflicts of interest.

6.2 Corruption, gifts and giveaways

It is forbidden to offer, promise or give to a public official (or third parties) any undue advantage to accomplish this, in the performance of his duties, an official act or refrain from perform it, in order to obtain or retain business or other improper advantage in the conduct of business. This also applies in the event that this advantage is offered through an intermediary.

Is allowed to offer gifts or other gratuities to employees to the extent consistent with good practices commonly accepted locally. Gifts may be provided in case are modest, both in value and in relation to their frequency, and carried out in the appropriate places and times.

To Cryo Service’s employees and directors it is forbidden to accept - from individuals who maintain business relationships with the Company -  monetary or different kind of gifts that could influence or be perceived to be aimed at influencing the integrity or independence of the employee. Gifts may be accepted only on condition that they are modest, both in value and in relation to their frequency, and carried out in the appropriate places and times.

In the event that you have received or have been offered gifts beyond the limits of courtesy commonly accepted, you are required to inform your immediate supervisor or the Head of Cryo Service, who will determine if your integrity and independence have been in any way put at risk.

6.3 Political contributions

Neither Cryo Service, nor any person or Boards of Directors members do pay financial contributions to political parties on behalf of the Company. This does not preclude Cryo Service’s possibility of supporting political opinions in the interests of the Company.

6.4 Investments in other financial companies

Employees or Cryo Service’s Board of Directors member will abstain from having direct or indirect personal interests in any company, if it compromised their loyalty to the Company.

Before making an investment in a company that competes with Cryo Servicey or that is having business relations with it (eg, a supplier), with the exception of the acquisition of a share of less than one percent (1%) in a publicly traded company, you are required to consult your immediate supervisor.

6.5 Activities with competitors, suppliers or partners of the Company’s subjects

Before undertaking any activities that could be perceived as intended to further the interests of a competitor or a supplier (or any other person who works with the Company) to the detriment of Cryo Service’s interests, including participation in the board of directors of this subject, you should consult your supervisor. To Cryo Service’s employees and directors is forbidden to market products or services in competition with the business of Cryo Service.

6.6 Confidentiality

The information, intellectual property and innovative ideas are an important heritage of Cryo Service. These intangible assets should be properly managed and protected. The general policy of openness and transparency of Cryo Service not prevent to ensure adequate data protection in order to protect Cryo Service’s economic interests.

Any information, except for general information, and employment experience
an employee or a Director get in possession as part of their work will be considered confidential and treated as such. In this regard, particular relevance is for the rules against the use of confidential information for the purpose of personal gain for themselves or for others.

6.7 Heritage and archives protection

All Cryo Services’s employees and representatives are responsible for the protection of property and documents owned by Cryo Service, by customers and other parties that collaborate with the company.

All of these assets will be used and stored with care and respect, while avoiding waste and misuse.

You may not use time, materials, financial assets or facilities of the Company for purposes not directly related to Cryo Service’s activities without the authorization of a Cryo Service’s representative.

It is also forbidden to remove or borrow Company assets without permission.

7. Compliance with laws

7.1 General considerations

Working for the Company, each employee on behalf of the Company and each Director is required to comply with all laws and regulations.

Cryo Service’s employees and directors must not engage in illegal activities put out by people who work with the Company, regardless of whether such activities constitute an unlawful act for the company or for themselves.

7.2 Antitrust and competition

Must be complied all the laws in force in antitrust and competition.

7.3 Preservation of archives

Cryo Service has made commitments in transparency and clarity, in relation to all transactions of the company, subject to the fulfillment of the obligations of confidentiality. Cryo Service’s employees are required to make all necessary records related to the activities of the company and its business relations. It is not allowed to make false, misleading or artificial recordings in the books and documents of the company. All transactions must be documented in a truthful and complete way and recorded in the Cryo Service’s accounting records.

7.4 Privacy policy

Cryo Service is committed to protecting employees’ information and data in accordance with the laws and regulations.

All Cryo Service’s companies and subsidiaries will process personal data in accordance with law on the confidentiality of the respective country. This means ensuring that any use of personal data, such as collection, recording, comparison, storage and deletion or a combination, is carried out in accordance with national laws.

8. Respect for the environment

Cryo Service actively promotes respect for the environment. The Company has always worked trying to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and on people respecting the regulations and selecting equipment and technology in step with technological and scientific progress. The choice to apply the ISO14000 environmental management system is the proof.

9. Document management

Employees and Board Members must be at all times in compliance with the governing documents of Cryo Service from time to time in force.

10. How to respond to requests from the press and third

Cryo Service maintains an approach based on openness and honesty in relationships with stakeholders outside the company and society, as a whole by communicating in a consistent and professional.

In order to ensure co-ordinated interface with external parties, requests for general information about the Company and its employees, as well as requests from the media, will be forwarded to the Management.
If employees or directors have a need to make public statements, they will have to coordinate adequately with the management.

11. "No rights created"

This Code of Ethics is a statement of some of the Cryo Service’s principles, policies and procedures fundamental, governing the activities of the employees and directors of the Company.

It does not lead to the establishment of rights in favor of customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders or any other person or entity.


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